Selection, action

LMB-drag always selects a span. LMB-click just defines a start, a span without length. It could be like placing a cursor in text-editing.

The span itself should be visualized. Overlapping notes are selected. There could be a command to reduce the selection to notes that are entirely within the span.

If a span is empty and in a single row, it should be turned into a note automaticaly.

  • Ctrl-LMB: add span

  • Shift-LMB: edit existing spans

  • Alt/Meta-LMB: move span

  • F: fill in note(s). If the span is more than 1 row high, a chord menu could appear [Return key comes to mind, but is in use for “Playhead to Edit”]

  • Del/Backspace: delete

The following actions either work by holding down the key, stopping by releasing it, or pressing the key short and terminating with a click:

  • M: move
  • A: move note_on
  • Z: move note_off
  • V: adjust velocity