Selecting TDR Nova Plugin Preset - Beachball Crash

Ardour 7.3
OSX 11.6.8

Since updating to 7.3, TDR Nova crashes when trying to select an created preset. Upon selecting the preset, I receive the spinning beachball. I have let this sit for hours. A few items of note:

  • 7.2 does not have this issue.
  • Happens with brand new session or existing sessions.
  • Only happens with presets I add, not the built in presets. So, if I choose a preset that came with TDR Nova, it works. If I select one I added, or create a new preset and then select it, I receive the crash
  • Tried a few other plugins. I do not have the crash, although it seems like there may be a little bit of a delay when selecting the preset - but at least no crash with the other plugins.

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