Selecting some control points in an audio track

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how do I select some gain control points at once in an audio track with a selection window?
Like this:

Setting “Internal Edit Mode” it doesn’t work (it works instead in a MIDI track when I select some control points in a fader automation).

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It looks like ctrl+click on each point is currently the only option (or shift+right-click to remove a point).

Yes, I knew that. So (for the future) it would be useful to be able to use a selection window, for example if you have to select 50 points at the same level, with a very narrow window.
Instead now I have to select them one by one.


Try using the RANGE tool to select multiple, then go back to the edit mode to adjust them.


Hi @Seablade,

I don’t understand, nothing happens.
I intend to make a multiple selection like this (but with many many more points):

(Here for convenience I’ve used the fader automation of a MIDI track, where the problem does not arise, but the problem is with the gain control points in an audio track).

This is semi-frequently raised issue, and I’ve been discussing ideas on how to fix it during the last week. Right now, there is no good solution.

The region gain line was originally conceived of as have a somehwat different purpose than regular automation, which appeared to make it less in need of the same interaction options as automation tracks. This turns out not to be the case. However, it’s slightly problematic because unlike automation tracks, where there is only the automation data to edit, in this case the user still needs access to all the region editing functions too.

Ideas are bubbling up, and I think this might get addressed before 7.6 (but no promises).


Tomorrow’s nightly build (Ardour 7.5.115 or later) will allow selection region gain points using a rubbeband select in edit mode.



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