Selecting audio from different takes

I’ve recorded 5 takes. I can right-click in the track and ‘Choose Top’, and hear my different takes.

Let’s say take 4 was perfect except for 1 bar. But in take 3, I played that bar well. How do I tell Ardour to use the audio from take 3 in just this bar?

one way could be to create a new track and copy the " good " parts to this new track…
or , but only if a backup was made, shorten the parts to keep only " good stuff " in each take…

OK. So there’s no way to do it ‘in place’, without copying to a new track?

I can’t even see a way to copy and paste between tracks while preserving the start time. I can paste ‘near’ the original selection’s position, and drag things around until it’s ‘near enough’. But to return to my original question … surely there is an easier way to mark sections from various takes as the ‘final’ version?

AHA … I’ve found a way. If you select a region of silence, CTRL-X to cut it out, it breaks the recording into different sections. You can then bring a different take for each section to the top. It’s not exactly perfect, but it works.

thats all ok; another idea is to keep " enough " audio " before " and " after selected parts to allow crossfades…

in A3 you can work this takes in stacked mode, if you don’t have them grouped you can trim and or split regions so you have the combination that works best for you, is quite simple although this layer option should be improved when working with several tracks at a time, tends to be buggy if you select one take it may select other takes as well, and not the same takes on different tracks… it doesn’t work as good as needed yet but if you are working with one track it should be quite easy and have no trouble with it.

in A2 or Mixbus is different, there you have layers as well but not in stacked mode so is quite harder when using several takes.

My advice in any case is, split regions and trim them as needed, all other audio you are sure you wont use, MUTE it in the regions options, otherwise in some cases you can get glitches or unwanted fades to regions you don’t want to hear.

It is a pretty easy job but you have to be carefull.

aaand be carefull, used LOCK edit, if for some reason you end up messing up the syncronization of the track there’s an option in the regions that lets you get them back to their original position