Selecting a template from the command line


I am using Ardour 5.12.0.

According to the --help screen I should be able to set a template for a new

$ ardour5 --help
-N, --new session-name Create a new session from the command line
-T, --template Use given template for new session

I have a template in:

$ ls .config/ardour5/templates/twe-template/twe-template.template

and I’ve tried to launch a new session with that template:

$ ardour5 --new test --template twe-template

ERROR: Could not open session template /home/user/.config/ardour5/templates/twe-template.template/twe-template.template.template for reading

As the above path does not match the one that is on disk, clearly I am missing

Can anyone point me in the right direction for what to use on the commandline
to create a new recording session with a predefined template?

Thanks for any help!

Looks like you can’t due to a bug in Ardour 5.12 :worried:

But you don’t loose much anyway. Creating sessions with Ardour’s GUI is always interactive.

Thanks for the reply, Robin!

Is the bug reported, or should I do that?


Thanks, but no need.

I’ve just fixed the --template issue, and for good measure added a separate standalone tool to create new sessions from the commandline (and exit).

The GUI version still asks for confirmation of the session-path with the --new <name> option though. Fixed by @paul


Hey Robin (and others),

I see some git activity between you (Robin) and Paul.

Is there a commit (or two or three) that I could apply to 5.12.0 to test out the --template?

Thanks for the help!


you could try

git fetch
git cherry-pick d33423a aebdf5f 5f8c9a4 b47df18 47fcc85 4679439 b058356

Hey Robin (and others!),

Thanks for the git refs to try. They seem to work.

One note about creating a session from a template:

I have the window mixer shown in my template (and saved to disk that way), but when I create a new session based on that template (with the CLI), the mixer is hidden. Is that by design?

Thanks for the help!


Yes, GUI state and Session state are separate.

Then again, a new session should pick up the most recently used UI settings and window positions.
They’re saved as part of a session instant.xml and globally in ~/.config/ardour5/instant.xml for new sessions. There should be a section in that file. For a detached window it’ll look like:

<Mixer ... >
  <Window name="Mixer" visible="1" x-off="0" y-off="0" x-size="1918" y-size="1054" tabbed="0"/>