Selected MIDI notes outline thickness

Hello everybody!
How do you find the selected notes outline visible? Just I’d like to tell I’m not satisfied… I’m not alone in the universe, so I’m asking:)) I’ve already had a conversation with Paul about the thickness, @paul can I petition more? :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree with you, it would improve piano roll usability for me too.

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You should open an issue at and file it as a feature request.

@unsafelyhotboots If this topic will not have much feedback - there’s no reason to change anything. I just want to be sure that this is not only my subjective perception…

The thing is that the devs don’t look here for program ideas - they’re busy looking at the tracker I linked above. I think it’s a great idea - if you aren’t going to add it to the tracker, I will because I run into that same issue, and it’s much worse on high resolution displays (I use a 4k TV as a computer display, so I REALLY notice it).

Actually, this is not true.

What is true is that we do not come back here to look at ideas, and the tracker works better (maybe?) for dealing with the lifetime of a bug or feature request.

Duly noted Paul. I’m opening a feature request now.


Interesting answer)) Something around but not concretely
… Why not to say something like “This feature is very time-consuming, so we want to make something different and more important for our team” or “I personally don’t like this thing to be done”. If I could get some kind of answer it could be so understandable… I’m not insisting just interesting to understand)))

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