Selected midi notes not visible


I don’t know why…but when I make selection on midi notes, there is only the Red Outline but those notes aren’t red. (they are barely recognizable from notes witch are not selected)
You can see from the picture down bellow.

I tried to change the color from Preference - Colors - Selected midi note frame but that doesn’t worked.
I am using Ardour 6.4 on Linux Mint 19.3
Any suggestions?

Hi, that setting is called “midi note selected outline” and I’ve set it to white in order to have some contrast with the red background.
Also I’ve changed the transparency of “midi track base” to zero, so that I can appreciate better the grid and the black-white “keys”

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Ah…Yes I meant about that option–> “midi note selected outline”
But this is only for the outline. How to change the entire note ?
Also I tried -> “Midi note selected” but I can’t change the color of the selected notes… :frowning:

The transparency actually helped a little. Thanks for that.

As far as I could test, it seems that you can only choose “track color” or “velocity colors” for the entire note. That is achieved by toggling Pref. > Appearence > Editor > “Use colors to show note velocity”. However, that affects all notes, whether they are selected or not. I couldn’t change the entire note color, though there actually is an option called “midi note selected” as you mentioned.

Maybe, somebody else can help.

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Yes…Unfortunately that option don’t work.

I’m also curious about this. midi note selected outline does indeed change the color of the selected note’s outline, but it also changes the color of all MIDI notes (whether selected or not). The option for midi note selected doesn’t appear to alter any MIDI note color from what I can tell.

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As @jumase said, we can make some changes in the Transparency tab in Preferences - Colors - Transparency
I also change the outline to white color in: Preferences - Colors - Midi note selected outline
And here is the result.

Because of the new feature in Ardour 6 with the velocity preview inside the notes, we can not change the color of the notes. That’s just my opinion. But, as you can see in the picture, we can use white color for outline and make some changes in the Transparency tab. Now I can easily edit midi in Ardour. :smiley:

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