Select regions/tracks with keyboard shortcuts

I’m used to Cubase and Logic Audio where I can navigate the regions and tracks by using the arrow keys. Is it possible to configure Ardour this way? I searched through the keyboard commands and could not figure it out

Track selection can be done with Alt + arrow up/down. You can see those shortcuts by looking at Menu > Edit > Select … That also shows keyboard shortcuts behind each action.

Moving selected tracks up/down with Ctrl + arrow up/down.

Thanks, Robin. Is there any way to select regions with the keyboard?

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There is no way to do that at present.

Ok, thank you. Is that something that could be conceivably added? Or is it a limitation of the toolkit? I’m considering learning C++ :grin:

It’s not a toolkit limitation (the GUI toolkit plays almost no role in our editor). Its just not something we make possible right now.


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