select + delte + move


i want a simple action that i used to know as “trim” but i can’t find it in ardour.

when i select a region and i remove it, i want that all tracks are shifted exactly the same amount of time that i just deleted.

can this be done?

Make sure you are in “slide” edit mode, indicate by the edit mode selector toward the upper left of the editor window. The behaviour you are describing sounds like “splice” mode.

Regarding “trim” you have (at least) 2 options:

  • put the mouse pointer in the colored bar at the bottom of the region, press the left button and drag left/right.
  • put the mouse pointer in the colored bar at the bottom of the region, and click with the left button to trim the start to the mouse, or the middle button to trim the end to the mouse.

There are other options, including “trim to range”, “trim to marker” and so forth, but that should get you started.

thanks paul,

i’ll try later your suggestions.

it doesnt work. i’ve tried with splice and with slide modes but no success.

i always get a blank space when i remove the region.

i also tried other trim options but seems to work diferent than other software i’ve used.

any other hint?

i apologize, i misread what you were asking for. ardour doesn’t currently have an editing mode that works in the way you requested. it used to, and it will again.

what is it about trim that is different and/or unwanted? our behaviour is intended to be very similar to ProTools.

Not sure whether this is the same thing that muzzol was looking for. I’ve tried reading the manual and the tutorial, Googling, searching, and reading a number of other posts that looked potentially interesting, but I haven’t seen anything that seems to address this exactly. I assume that means I’m asking a stupid question, but here goes anyway…

How does one remove a span of time from regions in all tracks, along with all associated automation, markers, ranges, etc? I need all later material to slide down in time by exactly the amount that I remove. Visually I want to cut out a vertical slice (range?) through the entire edit window.

A little more detail: I have a live recording that I’m editing to make a CD. Actually the final product is a composite of pieces from two separate performances, so there are lots of regions spliced together with crossfades, etc, and there are plenty of markers for the CD track boundaries and other things, as well as automation for faders and plugin parameters, and even some track envelope automation. I’ve made an initial version of the CD, and now I’m coming back to do some further edits. In a couple places, I need to remove a few seconds of uninteresting stuff, but I need it to affect regions in all tracks that are contributing during that timespan, and I don’t want to mess up the (relative) locations of everything that comes after.

I’ve read that there’s a way to insert time (though I haven’t tried it yet), but I haven’t seen anything about removing time. Can one insert negative time? :slight_smile:

Surely I can’t be the first to do this kind of thing, which again suggests to me that I’m missing something obvious, or I’m on the wrong track, so to speak.