Select and loop play? how?

10 years of Cubase and soundforge.
This has to be the dumbest question on the forum and yet…

That’s almost intuitive.
Also, and I know its off topic, but seeing as we’re doing the simple stuff… I can’t adjust the tempo without creating a new tempo marker. Is there a way?

Either right click on a region and select ‘loop region’ from the play context menu. Or, define a range by ctrl+draging on the loop ruler, then clicking the loop transport button.

In 2.7, you had to create a range first and then create the loop (right-click menu on the range markers). In 2.8, you can now just right-click and drag across the “loop/punch ranges” field and it will auto-prompt with options.

actually, thats not true. 2.7 worked the same way. i suspect you had the loop/punch range ruler hidden.

There should be (will always be for a new session) a tempo marker right back at the beginning of the timeline, if you right click on that you can change the tempo of that marker and hence the tempo of the whole timeline.

Yeah, but no. I just tried on a brand new session and it worked.

However I opened a session without knowing what the tempo would be. Then I imported a drum loop. Now I want to adjust the tempo of the track in time to the drum loop. If I click on the marker and choose “edit” . I can change the number but when I press “OK” I get a second number on top of the first. Then another, and another.
Is this a bug?

I got that, too. Seems to be a bug; the fix is pretty easy and involves editing the .ardour file for the session to clear the mess.

hint: it doesn't involve forums. but bug reporting is a vital and very important thing to do, it helps ardour improve.

Fair point. As the first on your bug page points out, I always assume it’s me rather than the software; so I usually come to the forum first to check whether I’ve misunderstood something basic.

… ok, I registered etc on Mantis. I see the bug is already listed, back in 2004

I’ve appended a note to the existing bug, saying it’s still happening. Is there anything else I should do?