Select a track from keyboard in A3? (Alt-Down and Alt-Up don't work)


I’m having troubles understanding how to select a track without using mouse. In the manual, Alt-Down/Alt-Up shortcuts are listed as selecting the previous/next track or bus. However, on my system (stock distro-packaged Ardour 3, which seems to be the latest version, on Linux Mint 17 MATE) these have no effect, and neither has changing the keybindings to something else in the shortcut editor. Any clues?

Thanks in advance!

I chose yet another shortcut pair (Ctrl-Alt-N/P), and this time it worked. Perhaps Alt-Down/Up are caught by the window manager before they reach Ardour. Thanks to the good folks on the IRC for help in solving this. Can it be consider a bug in Ardour default settings? I have no idea. That depends on whether this hypothetical behavior of window manager is correct.

Window manager behaviour is window manager and user specific. There is no “correct” behaviour. I have no accelerators in my WM bound to Alt- but many people (and many WM’s) do so by default.