segmentation faults when compiling

I followed these instructions exactly to compile Ardour 2.5 with VST support on Ubuntu Hardy Heron. I’m almost positive I have all the dependencies satisfied and I added /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig to PKG_CONFIG_PATH, as the scons configure log advised. But it keeps stopping with segmentation faults at different stages of compiling. Could this be a memory problem?

segmentation faults during compilation almost always point to memory problems. worth checking disk space though too - gcc isn’t always good about suggesting that this is the problem.

I read this somewhere…

Ardour’s primary developer uses Fedora with Planet CCRMA, and recommends this as the best platform for new linux users wanting to try out audio applications on the platform.
…and came to the conclusion that the primary developer is correct! Not only does Fedora boot with zero segfaults or other problems, I’m able to bring my latency down to 2.67 ms with no xruns (previously 10.7 ms). It’s now outperforming the same tracks playing in Cubase on my Windows XP partition even with ASIO drivers (lowest latency was 11 ms). No more Ubuntu for me–too much bloat and instability. I’ve even noticed that when idling with no applications running Fedora 8 is using less CPU time than Ubuntu 8.04 was.