Seemingly random crashes when recording MIDI

Hi there,
I’m new to this forum. First I have to say I like Ardour more than many other DAWs for Linux because of native lv2 support. I tested Ardour 5.12 (Distro-Version) on my Manjaro machine, and while it wasn’t rock-solid I managed to get some tracks done.

So I decided to support the development and bought Ardour 6.
It works nice with audio, but as soon as I try to record some MIDI (while in loop-playback) Ardour crashes in a random fashion after a couple of minutes which makes it unusable for MIDI-work, on which I rely heavily. It seems to occur often shortly after I recorded something or if I simply press space to stop the recording when I’m done.

Any chance to get some insight on how to troubleshoot this? I’m on Manjaro (KDE Plasma), realtime-kernel 5.4 … let me know if you need some further information.

thanks in advance

Please file a bug report at and include a very very detailed set of steps to reproduce this crash.

We apologize for the fact that requires an additional account (login info is not shared with this site).

Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll try to reproduce this step by step and will post it.

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