Seeing peaks after zoom, resize, import

How do I get Ardour to properly redraw the waveform peaks after importing a large clip, zooming into it or resizing it (among other things)? I get huge blank spaces sometimes, and other times I see the waveforms displayed improperly.

This sounds like the same issue that happens to me when importing files. Close the session, go to the session folder, find the ‘Peaks’ folder and delete the files in it. Restart your Ardour session and the peak files will be replaced. If it’s the same issue that I’ve been having the waveforms will now be fine.


Deleting the ‘Peaks’ file has never been necessary for me, just restarting the session has been enough. But that is really a pain and completely counter to any productive workflow! I was hoping there was another way.

Has anyone filed a bug about this? I’ve been working with Ardour for at least 4 years already, and this has been a problem since the start!

If it’s too much to get the peaks redrawn automatically on zoom/resize/import/move clip etc, then how about a “redraw peaks” menu item for each track?

There is a bug filed about this;

… and the bug is fixed in svn, for a couple of weeks.

Great, I’ll check it out. That’s the normal SVN, not Trunk, right?

Hopefully, this also fixes it for resizing tracks (peaks sometimes extend to pre-resize length), zooming (peaks seen at pre-zoom resolution) and moving tracks (peaks not seen at all or in previous location).