"See the Moon Smiling" w/Rated Blue

Hi Ardour folks, and Happy 2022!

I have been extremely busy of late in the Studio and with my AVL development hat on and have much catching up to do!

Here is a blog post of our first released production of 2022:

Thanks in advance if you take the time to have a look!

Best, Glen


Nice production ! Nice atmosphere, really enjoyed listening to it.

Out of curiosity, do you often use Aston Origin’s for drums OH ?

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Thanks for sharing, in fact a wonderful earworm melody. Waiting for the other projects to be released.

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I enjoy your productions as well… :grinning:

I have only had the Aston Origin mics for about a year and they have been used as drum overheads on several recordings (most are still being finished) and also for vocals, acoustic guitars and some work with Congas and hand percs. For their price point I am very impressed with them!

I appreciate that very much! Thanks for reading such a long Blog post (especially not in your first language!)

Will look forward to your new tunes as well! :grinning:

I have a single one that I use for vocals and acoustic guitar. Also very
pleased with it for the price ! and it’s built like a tank :smiley:
I find it has lots of highs … so must make cymbals quite bright :slight_smile:

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Yes! I agree they do have a nice brilliance, there is something magic going on with this little drum kit and I don’t want to change anything because for it’s size and the room acoustics it records very well… I hear a presence in the cymbals and hats that I have never been able to really capture previously so I think the Origins are a big part of that.

It’s nice to see happy and nice people playing nice music. When I listen to this, I love American(Canadian) people. God bless you!! Thank you! :))))

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Thanks so much! And yes… Canadian! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

However… my American brothers and sisters need all the love they can get right now! :heart:

Wow! and it comes with a nice story, as well. I am already looking forward to “The Elder Brothers” music.

You have all the reason to be a proud papa, and a proud GNU/Linux distro vendor on top of that, given that this was made possible with AVLinux.

I had to laugh seeing the kitchen in the background. That gives the video a nice “pandemic touch” :slight_smile:

You should play drums more often :wink: I like Connor’s cool guitar style, at times reminding me of Chris Isaak: spot on, clear melodies, no fancy solos^w^w boomer bends.


Thanks for the kind words, they mean a lot coming from you and the countless ways you have created and contributed to our beloved Linux Audio are very inspiring as well! Linux Audio without x42’s countless additions would have a lot of empty shelves!


I have to agee whole-hearted. He is one of those heros.

For me, this was excellent, enjoyable, and endearing. Thank you for sharing your musical and Linux configuration skills over the years, GMaq. It keeps getting better.

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