Second Video-Monitor: Mixer-Window

How can I open the Mixer window and the Edior window at the same time, put one window on the first monitor and the other window on the second monitor?

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Click and hold one of the buttons and then drag it out from the main window.


or Ardour Menu > Window > Mixer > Detach


I keep saying this (whether people want to hear it or not): Ardor is great. Not just because of the program (which can do everything I need and was used to from Protools), but also because of this community here, in which even the developers respond.
I’m happy to make a financial contribution from time to time if I have enough pocket money (even if I don’t use Ardor commercially).

Thank you for your contribution to my idea of an ideal world!


Or right click the button to get a popup with the same detach/attach option as Robin describes for the main menu

What kind of “button”?

The one top-right in Ardour’s toolbar:


That does however not show all the options. You can also attach/detach the Preferences, hence Menu > Window > … is the canonical way (and also shows relevant keyboard shorcuts).

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