Second attempt

(Oliv Rougeot) #1

Hi all,
Here is my second attempt with the help of Ardour,
Thanks for feed-back …
All the best.

(Oliv Rougeot) #2

Thank you x42 for your nice comment.
Thank you cchoowee for your comment,I was also a Sonar guy,still have it on my computer,but Ardour is ,for me,easier to use and somewhat more reliable,… When it crashes ,it is allways because of plug-ins( mainly when I try to use 32 bits plug-ins via Jbridge) but it crashes in a softer way than Sonar in that when I reopen the session ,most part of the work is kept,I only had some issues with sample rate messed up once importing a session from Track live which was in 48k and Ardour opened it in 44,1 so audio was off tune ,and another time trying to open a 48k Ardour session in Mixbus which opened in 44.1 and also off tune,this timer it was a little worth because the error seemed to be embeded into the audio files and I couldn’t use them neither in Ardour nor in Mixbus.
I didn’t made the jump to Linux yet because I use quite a lot Rx and some plug-ins that were expensive and that I like …

(Cchoowee) #3

Liked it! Nice guitar sound and good balance with the vocals. Thanks for sharing.

(Robin Gareus) #4

Nice clean sound and well produced. Merci pour partager!