Seasons Of 1020 - by ProfKnaakenbroed

look here… or even better… listen :wink:

ahhh, lundberg, thanks a lot for you comment, I really appreaciate that you spent your time !

indeed, guitars are … let say … DIFFUCULT … for playing them on the keyboard, even of you have good samplers running. Nothing beats a real guitar. (Especially when played by a real guy. Or girl).

Glad you liked the song. Ideas about the guitar ? Maybe you can drop a track or tunes? Feel free to join the music ( with tracks or ideas or whatever).

Prof Knaakenbroed

I could of course try to play that guitar track myself, but at the moment I’m a busy man so I can’t promise to do it. But you might get a file soon if I should feel for playing around with it some night. :slight_smile:

fine, fine, fine, glad to hear that

I’ll send more info (chords, BPM, sample rate, producer’s notes etc.) next days, maybe you find the possibility or time to add your ideas

yours Prof Knaakenbroed

Some of the passages I like a lot, others I would like to hear with a physical electric guitar for example. I can hear you spent lot of time and thought making this though. In some cases (most of all the synth guitar) I don’t think the sound of the instrument is optimal, but the composition is really good imo. Well done!