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Hi everybody,

hope you are well all over the world !!

Sometimes I record a session/rehearsal via a simple tascam dr-05x.

This produces a stereo recording which is imported into ardour, mixed a little and that’s it.

The purpose of these recordings is just to find out what someone
would here if (s)he’d listen us (we’re man/woman guitar/voc duo).

So, coming further to the topic.

This simple two mic recording two tracks (left/right, me and companion), which are relatively the same
because the mics are positioned very close.

What I’m looking for is a plugin, which has the ability to subtract one channel from the other If it was perfect (which it cannot be), after processing each channel would only have the music from the left or the right. As this kind of process will probably also destroy much “wanted” information, it would be perfect if it was possible to level the amount of subtraction.

Wow, a simple question, but not easy to describe :slight_smile:

Anyway, ask me, if my idea was not understandable.

And now the question:
Is there a plugin, or an idea how I can do this ?

Best regards

Hello, Have you tried to work with phase inversions?

What I would try is, duplicate the stereo track and a new stereo Track, let’s call it Mix, so you have Track 1, the original, Track 2 the copy, and a third track, mix. Route Out L from Track 1 and Out R from Track 2 to In L of Mix, and Out R from Track 1 and Out L from Track 2 to In R of Mix

Then invert the phases of Track 2 channels

Playback while adjusting the fader in Track 2.

Not sure if it would work


this suggestion will be tested next week :slight_smile:

Where i see the “problem” is that reversing means exactly 180° .

Better would be a control where the phase could be altered between 0° and 180° (or 0 … π)
implemented in a hypothetical plugin …

Best regards

Although I doubt it’ll help with the case at hand. You may have more luck with source-separation tools like GitHub - deezer/spleeter: Deezer source separation library including pretrained models.

Hi Robin and everybody else,

this seems to be the plugin I was looking for.
I’ll try it, knowing the sound of my recording will sure be worse than before
(but hopefully having better separated tracks).

Best regards

You could try Calf Stereo Tools from Calf Studio Gear.

May be worth a try & it’s widely available. You could raise the side signal level (S Level) & lower the middle signal level (M Level) as much as you like. (The side signal is what is different between the two channels.)

Not sure if that’s what you want, but it sounds like what you’re describing.

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