Search Sound Rom Player and Guitar Rack as Plugin under Linux

Hello here,
i would ask in the round, if someone of you knows good Sound Player with sounds like a Steinberg Halion and i search a good virtual guitar rack.

I know many SF2 or SF2 sounds can downloaded and played, but maybe there is anywhere a good sound module, available under linux.

I search real linux plugins and won’t use windows vsts with wine or something like that. Same for a virtual guitar rack as plugin.

For a guitar rack, ToneLib GFX is not bad. Not free, but you can test it out for free. The only bad thing I can say about it is the pitch transposer is crap. On sale right now, apparently:

Yes, I’m a paying customer. I would love to recommend Guitarix, but it’s not completely usable as a plugin, unless you do some Carla-thing, so I understand. I still just use their standalone, and route things around with Jack. Free… you can’t even send them money. I would like to.

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Hi @ardourwlk !

That’s a pretty attractive sale on ToneLib, does it work properly as a VST Plugin in Ardour on AV Linux? I don’t really like standalone apps and modular workflows but if it works well as a Plugin I’m tempted… :thinking:

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@ardourwlk Thanks for this tipp. I bought now the gfx and the metall plugin. The VST2 versions of both work under Ardour 7.1 and Linux Mint 21.

@GMaq I don’t like you standalone plugins. This 2 worked for me as normal vst2’s with less cpu power.
Buy it!

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Sounds like Stefan has answered that for you, obliquely :slight_smile: I was thinking the ToneLib products were more Linux-centric, but it does provide VST2 & 3, and my system (your(!) system) favors the VST3 for some reason, but as long as it works, and it does (just tested it out), then I’m happy


And I think it’s less now than when I bought it :stuck_out_tongue: So more power to you.


BTW: there is a fully functional 30 day trial version.
Could load it into Ardour/UbuntuStudio
And while the builtin cab stuff is kind of OK I think it is mandatory to get some good 3rd party IR, then it rocks

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Below is a link to an open source guitar amp plugin. The developer only builds it for Windows and Mac on his site, but KXStudio and this GitHub entity provide Linux builds. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, and it is not a full rack, just a tonestack/amp/cab simulation, but perhaps others find it useful:

Here is the developer’s site. He has some technical information on its build for those who are interested (you have to back out to his main page to access the blog or go to his GitHub page to find the technical stuff):

If you really want to get geeky, you could delve into this series where the Guitarix guy explains how to build a virtual amp from a circuit diagram. It’s pretty cool.

Start here:

Where he points you here:

and here:

I built the example he shows. It’s really cool.

Even I had forgotten that AVL comes with Swanky Amp and the rest of the Distrho-Ports, I need to give it a second look! :blush:

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