Search/sort by region name

Is it possible to search for a region by name in the region list (I’m talking about the “Regions” tab in the “editor list” panel). I’m ensvioning something like the plugin manager, but for regions. Preferably just as more funcionality in the regions tab, but a separate window would be fine too.

It would also be great to see a “modification time” or “created time” column in this list too. Then by sorting columns or searching it should be simple to find the audio you are looking for.

At the moment I use the file system and then hunt through the region list which doesn’t seem to be in any particular order. On really large projects, it is often easier to just reimport the file into the project from its own interchange directory (silly of me I know, but when you’ve got half a band out of bed early to avoid traffic noise and you need to find something in a hurry, sometimes it’s easier to do what works rather than what’s right!)