Search SF2 or SFZ Files, Sample libraries in .wav .flac .mp3 and SF2 Editor under Linux (or Win)

Hello, i search free SF2 or SFZ Files, Sample libraries and maybe someone knows an SF2 editor, where i can split out one sound of a complete SF2 library under Linux (or alternate for Win)

Also open for other sound plugins (rom player), running under Linux Mint 21 (Ubuntu 22.04)

Maybe we make here a summary thread.

Greetings, Stefan

Have a look at this thread: Where to find nice soundfonts

which is packaged on most GNU/Linux distros.

Wow - fantastic SF2 Sound lists. Many thanks

Because of the Polyphone Editor. Yes, i found it in the Application Management in Linux Mint 21
But a first view seems, it’s complicated e.g. to extract 1 complete sound (sometimes there are more samples) out of a complete collection. …or i don’t understand the principle.

Edit: I found a tutorial:

Suppose you like a particular SoundFont but you wish it was a bit smaller and didn’t include certain sounds. You can customize it with just a few mouse clicks by using the free SoundFont editing program Polyphone. Its very simple to do.

Download the free Polyphone program from here:

(Windows, Mac OSX and Linux versions available) or just click the link at the top to go to the site.

Open the SoundFont with Polyphone (double-click it).

Click the arrow next to Presets.

Right Click on any Presets you don’t want.

Select Delete.

Go to General, Tools Icon, Remove Unused Elements, OK.

Save the New SoundFont (Top Right parallel bars, Save As, rename it if you wish). That’s all.

The reduction in size will depend upon which samples are being used/shared between the various presets.

You can also use Polyphone to combine SoundFonts. Simply open two SoundFonts (Home button top left), Go to the preset you want, right-click Copy, go to the other soundfont Presets and left-click the preset heading, then Ctrl V to Paste. Close the SoundFont you don’t want then save.

If you just want one or two instruments from a large SoundFont then follow this procedure. Open the large multi-instrument SoundFont in Polyphone, then select Home, New, add a Title and Save (top left parallel bars), Save As. Go to the Presets of the original SoundFont, Right-Click the Preset you want (choose Copy) and switch to the new SoundFont, click Preset heading then Ctrl V to paste (the preset is now inside your new SoundFont as well as the required samples). Close the old soundfont and save the new one.

If you wish to re-order your Presets simply change the preset number on the bottom bar.

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