search option on the forum

i cannot find on the ardour forum something like a “search” window. maybe i’m not using the forum correctly… how can i search the forum contents? thanks

There is a search box, but it requires a window width greater than 1280 pixels to see so many people don’t realize it is there. It is by the links at the top of the community pages like this one.


thanks. is there a way for me to get to it even if window width is shorter? or how should i change the window width?

Changing your window width is dependant on your system. Generally on most window managers it is a matter of clicking full screen on your browser, if that doesn’t show it you could try, if your browser or WM has a function, zooming out. Beyond that it generally indicates that either your system is set up at a much lower resolution than it should be, or that your hardware is not capable of rendering your desktop at a size of at least 1280 pixels wide, which is considered fairly small but most standards these days indicating either much older hardware, or a very small portable setup.

Alternatively you can go to to execute a search there. Or go to Google and preceed any search you type in there with the text


seablade, i put the window width up to 1280 pixels but still i don’t see any “search” box even if i see the margins of the web page. maybe i’m not in the right page? on top the menu is : download forums bug tracker development blog support; just these. ?? thanks

we need to tweak the CSS code. the required size right now is > 1280, rather than >= 1280.

CSS code has been changed. Search box should be visible with width = 1280 (and wider) now.

As paul clarified and I mentioned above, it was originally greater than 1280, not greater than or equal to:)


thank you paul and seablade, it is in fact visible now on me screen. bye!