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I’m still not that used to Ardour/AVLinux, and I installed AVLinux on a computer, version from 2017. Since I apparently did something wrong (concerning to have root permissions, etc), I reinstalled it. Now, the first time I noticed it was quite a few plugins, among them one that was called “Strings” or “String”, and I’d like to try that. When opening Ardour for the first time, it wanted me to scan for plugins, how ever, the second time, for some reason, it didn’t. Now, that, and probably many other plugin instruments are not there… The question is - is there a function somewhere to let me search for plugins again, as it did the first time Ardour was started? Or do I have to install AVLinux from scratch once again to fix this?

LV2 plugins Ardour will search each time, VST plugins there is a menu item to cause Ardour to search again.

In Ardour: Edit -->Preferences–>Plugins–>Scan for Plugins

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Great, thanks! :slight_smile: