Seaching forums and xrun markers

Howdy …
First … how does one search the forums? I cannot find a search window.
Second … is the any way to get Ardour to stop creating those annoying yellow “xrun” markers? I use the start and end markers but if I turn off the location marker bar I lose those.


Well, you should not get x-runs (dropouts) during recording in the first place. If you do, you have much bigger issues than the markers.

That being said: Preferences > Transport > Dropout (xrun) Handling has options. There’s also a Lua script to delete all x-runs markers in the current session.

To answer the question on searching, if the web browser is larger than 1024 px wide (Going off memory), you will see a search bar, this pretty much just does a google site search though, so you can get the same thing by typing SEARCHTERMSHERE into Google.


x42 … your answer was very helpful. Led me to the chapter on Latency and Compensation which cleared up more than a few misconceptions on the subject. I adjusted a couple of parameters in the jack server and eliminated the xruns. Thanks!

seablade … boy do I feel dumb … Thank you, too!

No need to feel dumb, that is a common problem with the current site design, it is almost surprising how many people run across it honestly.