scrub fast at same pitch?

I was wondering what people thought about scrubbing with the audition tool or the slider at increased playback speed without changing the pitch.

It would be useful to do the same thing as this:

mplayer -af scaletempo -speed 2 foo.m4a

This is very useful for finding parts of audio files. For example, my task is to find a few sentences in a 7.5 hour recording that need to be edited out for legal reasons. It would cut the time in half to play back at 2x speed. However, if the pitch is increased, like the default method, I cannot understand what anyone is saying.

Just a suggestion, it might be possible to use the same code that mplayer uses for this feature, and add a preference option to use resampling instead of speedup.


Second. I would find that very useful.

My job requires shuttling through large spoken-word files for editing. If I could kick the scrub speed up to 2 or 3X without affecting pitch, I would kiss your grandma in Macy’s window.