scroll your mouse in differents areas...

This weekend, like many people around the world, have done the first mix in Ardour4. .

Wow! Paul & team, it’s really nice, many thanks & yoo-hooS!!

Have noticed, among several things, that:

  • if you are above one track and scroll, you go up/down in the list of tracks
  • if you are above the marks zone and scroll, you zoom in/out

Question is, is there some place when all those differents mouse actions (depending on what area mouse is above) is listed, and/or can be modified like in the shortcuts windows?

Anyway, thanks again for the 4th version of Ardour :slight_smile:

Mouse event bindings are not alterable by users, sorry.

one can easily be understood why they aren’t! Maybe they are listed somewhere ?

Some of them are the keyboard cheat sheet(s) on the Support page (which I still need to update for 4.0). But not all, and really, there are too many to list in a compact form.

don’t get me wrong, it’s like you give people a car, but hide its key somewhere in the garden. I have some freetime if you like?

me finding them all for you would be about 90% of the work involved in documenting them. but thanks for the offer.

Do you really mean that you have no idea, no record of all those mouse events?

it is implicit in our source code. there’s no table or explicit listing of them. it doesn’t work that way.

I understand. Does the word “mouse” appear in the code, so one can search it and make a list of all those entries?

It does not.

hey, that doesn’t is enough man, money between the 2 of us is not a problem at all, you know what I F*****mean, just be constructive & stop that silly game- sorry for bad english- that to to say, how can the code be explored to find the mouse events in it?

It’s not as easy as one may think. The Ardour GUI is by far the most complex part of Ardour.
There are currently over 408 GdkEventButton occurrences in ardour’s codebase (scroll wheel is a button event). Most of these are just “mouse click” handlers but many also include scroll-wheel. …and that does not include conditionals and further event delegation nor gtk widgets itself.


As x42 mentioned, you aren’t talking about anything that can be easily assessed like you are trying to do, that is the thing Paul tried to get across. I took a quick glance through some of the code on my own as a result of this thread in hopes I could have pointed you to some sort of possibility before Paul answered, there is a reason I didn’t answer, I couldn’t see an easy answer other than the read through the code and understand what everything does. Frankly I suspect it would be easier and far quicker for most people to learn it just by trying ti in the UI and documenting that, not being sarcastic, this is my honest opinion at this point.


Apologies @Paul for the hype first… and thanks to all of you for the explainations :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, of course Ardour code is more complex than I have naively thought a few instants! If it was not, it probably will have 10 or more “rival” softwares. And everyone can see that there is only one Ardour in the Linux biotope…

I will try to follow Seablade purpose, just “play” in every corners of the GUI and list mouse 3 buttons events, with the add of Shift, Ctrl, Alt and combination of they. Is Mantis the good place to post the list when done?


I would say it would be best to make a simple text file with it honestly, then that could be uploaded to Mantis if needed. That is my suspicion, however I am not Paul or anyone else. Eventually it would want to be included with the manual most likely, probably as an appendix or similar, and for that you would want to fork the manual (Github makes this easy when you understand the basics of git), include your document(You can even create and edit it on Github), commit, and submit a pull request.


Thanks Seablade, am not easy with Github yet, so have put some here :

If you make a list of all possible combination we could help you out.

I just had a short discussion on IRC regarding all general concepts that Ardour contains. A few examples I have picked up that is general knowledge but not obvious to new users, At least that’s what I think.

One general concept is: Shift+Right click is a “mouse delete” operation
Another general concept is: Ctrl+Shift Left mouse button affects multiple similar things. can be used for changing all mixer strips to wide or narrow or for muting all tracks at once and so on.

Maybe we could arrange a group of people that can reverse engineer the actions and special cool stuff that is not available in the cheat cheat or other docs. Like an easter egg hunt…

The last suggestion was mostly not serious but there seem to be a valid suggestion after all.

Many thanks for this, this “general concept” is a masterpiece, I add it to

If you have more, you very welcomed, I use Ardour since 7 years and have lost so many times muting tracks 1 by 1 when start a mix… :slight_smile:

Hey! is there a way to desactivate the scroll to change the value in the faders?, or something to prevent me from changing the fader value with the scroll when i dont want to (I am a pro tools users and im thinking of making my studio full ardor so i would like to see ways to set ardor to my work style)

There is no way to do this unless you want to alter the Ardour source code and rebuild. I am guessing that’s not quite what you meant.