screen layout question

i’m looking into installing ardour and wanted to ask a bit about user
screen configuration options. i watched some tutorials that were very
nicely done and make ardour look very impressive, indeed.

one thing i noticed in the tutorials, however, was that the use of the mixer
was always invoked via toggling from a track view to the mixer view. i have
no real problems with screen real estate. i’m using three wide monitors
for my desktop and a large screen fourth monitor for video display. the
way i’ve been working is to put my mixer on one screen, my tracks on
the center screen, and to use the right screen for miscellaneous things
like notes and such.

can ardour be configured in such a manner? or is everything pretty
much hard wired into a single screen view? would be nice if window
elements could be undocked so that they could be moved about,
something like the way gimp tools can float.


Everything John E described is possible on OS X, however there is a bug in GTKOSX at the moment affecting things when they are on the second screen that make it recommended to hold off, but it can be used for this, especially when used with a control surface and you use the mixer window for visual reference(How I tend to work). There is a patch we are keeping our eyes on to fix this, but don’t think it is ready for prime time quite yet. However OS X does now provide “Spaces” which is their equivalent to the virtual desktops.

The mixer and editor are separate windows, and you can have one fill one screen and one fill another with no issue on OS X or on Linux with a TwinView setup. So the exact setup you asked about is certainly more than possible. You can also detach toolbars etc. to make them their own windows if you want.


It is possible, I have looked at the Matrox box for some time myself but decided I would rather get a single large wide-screen than deal with it as Matrox doesn’t seem to want to support telling the OS it is multiple screens on anything but Windows. At any rate the best I could tell you is try it and see;)

Obviously in as far as video display, running Jadeo on the fourth screen shouldn’t be a problem, I do that all the time without issue that I have noticed.


most groovy. thanks.

thanks seablade. this all sounds great.

i’m actually using a matrox triplehead2go for the three screen desktop. that
means that the system is actually looking at the three screens as if they are
one EXTREMELY wide screen. maybe this makes the gtkosx bug a non-issue?

thanks again,

Yea BabaG, the editor and mixer can be on different screens. I have a twin monitor setup myself and I usually keep them separate. Also (if you’re using Linux) people often forget that most Linux distros allow you to switch between four virtual desktops with incredible ease. So if I’m using Ardour on my laptop (i.e. only one physical screen) I’ll often have the editor in one virtual desktop and the mixer in a different one. I’ve never used Ardour on a Mac but maybe someone else can confirm the Mac situation.

thanks john e.

when you put the screen elements in different screens, how does that work?
do they float separately? does the overall ardour screen stretch to fit the
multiple monitors with the elements floating within the ardour workspace?
are all of the screen elements detachable? hope to hear more.

thanks again,