Schematic View of session, with complete routing section

I'm working with ProTools for a long time now, and I also use compositing softwares which almost all use the "Schematic View" . The idea is to quickly see the links between all the elements actually active .

Then, I though, why can’t it be done for sound ? Cause there’s nothing more difficult than opening an old session and remember how signal travels !! …

I hope, some day, something like that will be available…

    Best Regards.

try patchage (
is that what you mean?

or it’s QT counterpart (actually it does a little more) qjackctl

You’re right, that’s what I meant, but I would Like it To Be more visual . It’s not so bad, on the contrary, but it would be great if “Tracks”, “Buses”, “VCAs”, “Groups” & “Masters” could be separated in a column for each one …

In all case, that's a great tool that is very useful & need to be put upfront :-)

Best Regards .