Scene Out ....

Just a quick question. Is Scene Out still working or was that removed? Sorry if that has been discussed before but I’m not sure how to set it up. I wanted to to do something like control lyrics on a projector somehow that’s using OnSong to display it. Not sure if Scene Out is the way to go here here but thought maybe we could send out midi from Ardour 3 at different markers to control something in a live situation.

Scene Out ?

@paul: Maybe I’m not understanding this right.

I just added this functionality last month. There is currently no way to use the GUI to create or edit the scene-related markers. The work was done under contract for another company and they will be providing their own GUI dialogs for this purpose. The functionality that is documented in the manual covers recording and moving scene markers.

Oh ok. Gotcha. Cool concept.

Nice! Seems this feature development passed me by! I’l have to give this a try.

@jamiejessup: If you figure this out can you post back and update us on how?

I think most of you will find this feature pretty hard to use without a dialog to allow edits/visualization of the MIDI data associated with scene markers.