Scarlett soundcard + MIDI USB keyboard

Hi there,

I have a tiny home-studio and I want to add to it a decent microphone for recording vocals. I’ve been using a keyboard (juno G) with both MIDI and stereo audio outputs to my computer. I have an old laptop with a soundcard in the motherboard, so no external audio interface. I’m also using Ardour 5 and JACK.

Now I want to buy an XLR mic, probably the audio-technica at3035, which demands an external soundcard. I want to avoid buying a soundcard with mixer, because I read that they don’t work well with linux…

So my idea is:

Use an external soundcard (e.g Focusrite Scarlett 2i2), just for the mic and keep using my keyboard directly connected to the computer (one stereo audio input for the audio signal coming from my keyboard and one USB-MIDI cable for the MIDI in and outflux).

Do you guys think this setup would work in a linux machine (ubuntu studio) or is it bound to fail??.

Summary of my set:

Linux with ubuntu studio, Ardour 5 and JACK with cadence as frontend
My laptop has an internal soundcard (with an stereo input that receives audio from my keyboard)
MIDI in/output through a MIDI-USB cable
XLR mic (audio-technica at3035)
external soundcard (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2)

I could just buy an USB mic, but I’m really trying to reach the best quality I can get with a low budget…

I’d be thankful for any input,


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