Scarlett 6 channel individual output to 6 individual headphoness

Hi everyone,
I had to organize Pleiades from Xenakis for percussion sextet and I made the clicktracks which are different for each player. I wasn’t able to get Ardour anywhere close to output this to separate lines out on my 18i20 Focusrite first gen on my Linux, so I had to use my mother’s Mac. On the linux I am able to input atleast 8 mics, but why can’t I output each of the six channels to a seperate speaker on linux? The 18i20 has 10 speaker outputs. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I read that a nice guy did a gui for scarlett gen 2 and 3, would anyone know if it works also for gen 1? I tried alsamixer and qasmixer, but they don’t seem to have any effect. It seems crazy that inputs work, but outputs don’t respond the same way. Or, if someone tells me the gen 2 and 3 work fine, I would consider upgrading.

The Scarlett 18i20 actually has an internal mixer / router which might be in play here. For a visualization (based on the 6i6, but it scales up), see this section of the docs for Geoffrey Bennet’s ALSA-Scarlett GUI.

It is possible to tweak that routing using raw alsamixer / qasmixer, but I wouldn’t recommend it: thinking about it that way makes my brain hurt. If you can get Geoffrey’s app running, I heartily recommend doing so.

If you can dual boot to Windows, or use / borrow a Windows or Mac computer with the 18i20 plugged in, you should be able to run the Focusrite “Scarlett MixControl” software, which is available on the Focusrite download page for the 1st gen hardware, along with docs. Reading those docs may also be enlightening, even if you can’t run their GUI.

I did about six hours of trial and error, the last three with a mac and linux. I couldn’t get the MixControl hardware on the mac to save to the focusrite and let me separate the channels, everything HAD to go through outputs 1 and 2. I will try a bit more, then try Bennet’s gui and hope it also works for gen 1 and not just gen 2 and 3.

I tried some more variations doing qasmixer/alsamixer but had no luck. I did also several variations with the ScarlettMixControl, they even have a mixing preset which already has DAW out 1 to line out 1, DAW out 2 to line out 2, DAW out 3 to line out 3… I save this to hardware and go back to Linux, but nothing changes, everything still only goes out lines one and two. It seems like the different outputs just get ignored. At least I can record and listen through headphones.
I did try to install Geoffrey’s app, and I think I did it correctly, but since I don’t have one of the correct machines, I couldn’t get it work. I tried to fake it as a gen 2 18i20, but no luck. On the other hand, I am not sure I installed the app 100% correctly. The driver doesn’t show up when I check it with dmesg.
We’ll see.

Can you investigate whether the hardware outputs 3 and up are muted in MixControl (or qalsamixer?)

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