Scarlett 18i20 & Expert Sleepers ES-8

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04
My main soundcard is Scarlett 18i20.
The output from Ardour goes to this card via Jack.
I also have an Expert Sleepers ES-8
Is it possible to route output from ES-8 into Ardour ?
( I have tried but can’t figure it out. )


A couple of options there for you, most common are #1 and #3. For option 3 it is not recommended without locking the clocks of the two cards together, which I think your only option there would be to sync them via ADAT, which isn’t really the best for this. Option #1 may be your easiest option but doing that means the audio is being resampled to match the clock of your Scarlett.

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Thank you, option #1 succeeds.

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