Scan plugins at startup

Do I need to scan lv2 plugins at startup?
Can it be disabled in any way?
make behavior like vst

LV2 plugins are unconditionally indexed at application start, and at application start only.

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Thanks Robin

any particular reason?

  • Ardour a-* plugins are LV2 and should be directly and always available, so it’s not optional.

  • Listing LV2 only requires reading meta-data text files. That is very fast and reliable. As opposed to VST, the plugins do not have to be loaded to discover plugins.

  • LV2 has a concept of a “world”. You don’t scan individual plugins, but create an environment of all available plugins. So meta-data can be shared and re-used.
    In theory it would be possible to extend (or drop and re-build) it, so that you could add new plugins while Ardour is running. But this is not yet possible in Ardour, mainly because that would also allow to remove plugins that might be in use. This is hard, and so far nobody has volunteered to write code that takes care of all the eventualities.

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