Scaler2 VST not working in Ardour in Win10?

I’m using Ardour in both Windows 10 and Linux and have recently bought the scaler2 vst. I’ve made sure that Ardour (in Win10) has access to the folder that contains the addon, but it seems that it won’t even see it when I scan for it. Is there something that can be done to get it working? As for Linux, I’m not expecting it to work, so I haven’t tried, but having it in Windows would be nice though.

I had problems with Scaler 2.2 and Ardour 6.5. After updating to to Scaler 2.3 and Ardour 6.6, I was able to use the plugin. I can not be sure which one fixed it, though I suspect the problem was with Scaler. In any case, the newest versions work together, at least for me.

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Ah, I’ll try again then. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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