Scale indicator for piano roll

Mr @paul
What is your opinion about it and you have plan to add it to Ardour in future ?

It is a much more complex topic than most users realize.

I’ve already done it in a branch.

The hard questions are about what kinds of things can be said to “have” a scale. Tracks? Regions? Time ranges? The session?

We have answers to those things now. I don’t know when it will be implemented.

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I’d vote for Session and tracks.

We’ll likely want a “fallback to parent” strategy here, and a ruler (similar to tempo-map) to define a key at a given time as the fallback.

Yes. It would be nice for the indicated scale to limit the visibility of non-scale info, if this isn’t something already happening…

Thanks, devs, creators…

@paul @x42 Gentleman’s
this is simple thing please don’t overthink about it
session - can’t use session because in some genre producer use other scales for some instrument or diminish note and etc
track - most daw use track to indicate scale
Region - this is subgroup of track and should be follow track scale

  • scale indicator in there just can confuse user
  • i suggest option to change region color after that user change scale of a region in track e.g go from
    Amin to F#Maj just change color of region and this help user to fast find where key and scale are change

Time Range - i think this is another confuser and just makes grid line crowded
also change color of region is better than it

in a survey ask users about it
users opinion are matter

It is not a simple thing, and if you think so that’s because you’re not familiar with enough music. your list does actually mention some of the complexities. what “most DAWs” do is not interesting because “most DAWs” don’t get this right - they do what is required for a subset of western pop and not much else.

We don’t do surveys because they almost never reach a diverse enough audience to make the results useful. User opinions matter, but only as much as awareness of actual music practice in diverse musical traditions around the world.