scale grid for wav tracks


is there any scale grid for the tracks available on ardour 2.8.x?
if so, how can i activate them?

if not, it would be quite nice to have them and should not take too much effort to integrate them into the track start on the left side.

a good idea would also be to activate a horizontal marker line on mouseclick to check where (for instance) the signal clips over this limit and how a limiter could be scaled to cut single clipping signal peaks.


There is no scale grid. Feature requests go here: I personally am not a big fan of such grids, because they really don’t tell you what you need to know. Consider the difference between regular peak metering, RMS metering and K-metering.

Clipping is shown by coloring the waveform tips in red.

I know that the clippings are in red - i had them many times, but i don’t mean them. sometimes it is useful to cut / limit just some (probably about 10-20) peaks when you master a song. how can i detect them without trial and error? i could take sonic visualizer for detecting the peaks and then do the limiting by the TAP brickwall limiter. but i have to export and import the wav into sonic v. do you have another solution?

well, since ardour isn’t showing you the waveform “in realtime” (ie. post-limiting) its not entirely clear to me that a scale grid would help a lot.

ok, i get no real answer and give it up - i do it the way i described in my last mail and ex- import the stuff. other programs like adobe audition have this, sonic visualizer has this.