Saving plugin config

I don’'t know if it’s possible: to save all the plugins in the various tracks that make a song.
It happens that I usually apply plugins to the tracks to try different sounds while I still have to record other tracks.
Then, once I understood what plugins I want to use, I can remove them and record the other tracks, so to save memory and performance. The problem is remember what plugins I used, at the time to put them back, and the config of each plugin.

If you unable the plugin, RAM & CPU are not used by they, HTH?

Thank you Strat. Is it possible to unable them without removing the from each track? I never tried.

Session template is not exactly what you ask for but it might be a solution anyway.

First you create a session just the way you like it: create all tracks and busses you need. Then put some plugins on them and adjust plugins parameters the way you like. Now save this session as a template (Menu: Session / Save Template).

Now when you need to start a new project you create a new session using the template. The session will have all the tracks and busses you created earlier and also all plugins and their settings.

When you create a new session there is option on the creation window that lets you choose which template to take the settings from.

Or maybe this helps: you can disable tracks (and their plugins) by right clicking on a track header (where track name is) in the Edit - window. Untick “Active” in the window that appears.

If this does not solve your problem maybe you could duplicate tracks and make the duplicates Inactive, then you are free to change plugins on the Active copy of the track and the Inactive copy remembers what plugins and settings you had before. You can drag and drop plugins between the active and inactive copies of the track.

It seems all the above is more complicated than necessary :slight_smile: It seems that simply settings Bypass = On the plugin lowers DSP usage. I didn’t know that before :slight_smile: So just click on the small green round thing on the left side of the plugin shown on a track and that plugin is bypassed, click again and it is enabled.

Thanks guys but I see this task is not possible. The solutions above is like picking the space shuttle to go 50 meters far.
I don’t have problems with the plugins, but the simplest and more logical way it would be having a way to mute them without being forced to remove them, or something like taking a snapshot of all plugins and respective parameters.

If you just want to save the DSP load, you can ‘freeze’ a track by right-clicking in it - that will render the track (with all its active plugins) to a single region, and then deactivate the plugins so they don’t use any DSP. If you later want to make changes to the plugin settings, you can ‘unfreeze’ again and make whatever changes you want.

telover: we posted at the same moment and you might not have notice my post about plugin Bypass. Please check the post right above yours.

@telover: drag the plugin into the Plugin Favorites box in the mixer window. That saves it, with it’s current settings. Drag from the Plugin Favorites box to instantiate the plugin with the same settings in a track.

But also: mhartzel’s point about Bypass and colinf’s about Freeze are what you’re more likely looking for.

Thanks guys