Saving multiple application configurations for individual sessions

I’ve found that I eliminate all my plugin problems by using an instance of JackRack for each plugin/chain I need, and routing it all through Jack. Nice.

However, when I try to reopen those sessions, Ardour doesn’t want to connect to JackRack, even if those racks are open (and the appropriate plugins are loaded). I don’t necessarily mind tweaking the plugins every time the session has loaded, but it seems clumsy.

Is there a way to take an overall ‘snapshot’ of multiple applications in such a way that it will work with (if not via) Ardour?

Please excuse me if this is a dumb question, but I don’t really see anything relevant anywhere, and I imagine this is a fairly common concern…

not sure, but isn’t this lash purpose ?
go and take a look :wink:

Gotcha. Lash. Of course. Didn’t even know I had it…

Thanks. Looking at it now.

The patchbay in QJackCtl also has a related purpose (saving connections and making them persistent):