Saving Jack Connections (or at least not loosing them)

I’m using Ardour 6.5 on Linux (x86_64) release 5.9.16-1-MANJARO and with JACK. Sometimes when I’m reconnecting audio/midi connections in Ardour Jack is loosing all connections. It takes many minutes to manually re-wire those connections in Ardour or in Catia. Is there a way to not loose these connections or to reproduce them automatically?

Thanks a lot!

This should never happen. Ardour saves & restores all such connections itself.

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Ardour has always been excellent in retaining it’s last connections. Some other tools I use (Mixxx) do not.

qjackctl’s Patchbay is great for saving and restoring a specific set of midi/jack connections. I use aj-snapshot to save the connection setup I want in my basic setup. They are restored upon startup within the script I use to start the DAW.

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Okay, thanks for your information. Well, than it must be cadence or jack, loosing the connections sometimes when I work in Ardour. Next time it happens, I’ll try to file a bug report.

Every time this comes up it almost always tends to be a running connection management daemon that is thinking you don’t want those connections and removing them, or restoring incorrect connections. I would take a close look at your settings and what software you have running that manages Jack connections and make sure you don’t have something enabled you didn’t mean.