Saving Audtioner Mixing Strip settings

Hello All from a newb!

Its my first post so I would be remiss not to quickly say thank you for the obvious time and effort that has gone into this project and the very fine results it has yielded.

I have installed both 2.8.3 and 2.8.4 from source on FC11 (Intel based X_64) and the docs for doing this were right on. Once I finished the ‘dependency shuffle’ all was perfect.

Sorry if this is something I should have found elsewhere but I have spent a couple of days off and on looking and haven’t found this issue mentioned yet.

When I first tried to audition a region, the sound level sent me across the room! Digging around I found in ‘Window/Prefrences/Auditon Tab’ there is a slider that I could set to make the level more in keeping with the actual level when I was working with tracks.

However, that setting seems to get reset every I restart Ardour, or even load a new session, despite my saving religiously. All other values / preferences seem to keep my choices but this one.

As I said, I am very new to all of this - Perhaps the preferred method is to route the auditioner output through some other mixer / external device?

Thanks in advance for any advice or ideas you can share.



Hmm not a good answer, but a possible workaround you might try…

Create a Bus. Route the auditioner to the Bus via Jack and disconnect the auditioner from your hardware outputs. The route the bus to your hardware outputs. That should allow you to modify the level on that bus and have it saved with the session I believe.


PS Make a Mantis issue for the auditioner getting saved, we should probably save that in the overall Ardour preferences(Not necessarily with a specific session).


Seablade - Thank you for the quick response.

Workarounds are always good answers! :slight_smile:

I had tried something similar earlier, with trying to route the output from the auditioner through the master output with no luck.

This time I followed your steps and while it does indeed give a place to save the settings, the new bus doesn’t seem to pick up any input.

As a test, in Jack (QJackctl) I routed the auditioner output to an instance of Jamin and that worked. I then routed auditioner out to hardware - again sound - and lastly back to the bus and again, no signal seems to be reaching, or being processed by the new bus.

I wonder if this is a limitation of an onboard sound card (plans to fix that) or heaven forbid, limitations of yours truly :slight_smile:

You have given me a good resolve to the initial problem and a new puzzle to work on!

What could be better!



(edit - I will raise the issue)

Limitations of an onboard sound card? To some extent yes, only because with a better card you can get things like hardware control of your outputs, which makes a huge difference compared to software control, and a matrix mixer for software outputs won’t hurt either;)

Its odd your buss isn’t getting sound, I would like to find out why that is, but I don’t have time at the moment to explore further. Jump on IRC when you get a bit and see if someone there can help you(If I am around there I will try to help you there.)


Day job calling… :frowning:

But thank you! I will either update here or hop on IRC later on.

Thanks again for the help!

One final thought for today… :slight_smile:

The new bus I created appears to be active - As a test I routed both the capture port of the audio card and then an existing Ardour track through it and it received and sent signal from both those. It looks like routing Auditioner to its input is the only patch that fails to send a signal BUT sending the same Auditioner outputs to other system inputs or software works fine…Not sure if this helps.

Have to run for today but I will be glad to provide more details or get on line tomorrow.


i was never experimenting too much with the audiotioner, but this thread sounds interesting. this is what paul says about on irc:

las, is this expected behavior that if we connect the auditioner to a bus, this bus is not playing any sound while audiotioning?
the auditioner must be connected to physical outs
no other signal processing route is active when auditioning
las, ok, thanks - it’s good to know.

but being able to save the auditioner level seems good to me.


i should revise my IRC comments just a little: the auditioner must be connected to non-Ardour ports. it doesn’t matter whether they are physical or not. so you can route auditioner to another JACK client if you want, but you can’t usefully route it to an Ardour bus.

Thank you everyone for the feedback!

Based on Paul’s comments I am seeing expected behaviour as I was indeed able to route the auditioner output to another Jack client successfully - Jamin in my case.



And this is proof Paul knows his software better than I do;)



But you still know a lot more than most of us!

Here Here!!

@Seablade Thank you again for the helpful ear and advice!

Happy Friday Night from EST :slight_smile:

Happy Friday Night from EST :)

And back to you from EST;) Currently sitting back and relaxing with the wife watching Miyazaki anime flicks;)