saving Audio Units Settings

Hello Mac User!

Is there any way to save AU-settings? If there isn’t, will there be a solution in future-versions? I think this is very important, 'cause the best PlugIn’s are mostly available as AU. At least the one I prefer.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much for this information. I didn’t know that. I definitely will donate. Ardour is awesome. Very good news that it is already possible.

You have to be a suscriber or a donator to be allowed to download the “AU preset saving” version of Ardour

As mentioned AU state saving is disabled in the ‘free’ version of Ardour. If you donate any amount(Log into the website FIRST and donate via the download process) or subscribe you will be able to download the ‘full’ version of Ardour with AU state saving.


I donated (a month ago, or so) and downloaded, but I didn’t get any special version of Ardour with this feature (I think). I didn’t know about this feature until today (and was actually dissapointed that Ardur did not have this functionallity). Today i looked for it, but I can not figure out what to do to get the presets working.

Where can I find info about this feature? Is it included in Ardour or is it some sort of plug-in? Where do I look for it? Do I have to donate again, in order to get what apparently was supposed to be included?

It would be included in Ardour. If you were logged into the website(ALWAYS reccomended) when you donated, it would register that you donated and you would be able to get any bugfix release from that series free of charge.


I do not remember if I was logged in or if I was instructed to, if it informed me of any consequences not being logged in (I don’t think so). It does promise free upgrades for 2.8, but obviously not what to do to get them…
I do know it is begging to get paid every time I click on download, which is getting on my nerves -x!#(/€l()#8

I might have scrapped the version I downloaded after payment, for an earlier or later download when I tried to solve my problem with not working AU-stereo plugins. I donwloaded it 2-3 times and (re)installed it from scratch in my efforts to make it work…

I still don’t know where I can find info about how to use this feature. If it is included in Ardour itself or if it is some sort of plug-in that I did not install. If I am supposed to donate again in order to get what apparently was supposed to be included after paying. (My paypal receipt is dated August 9th 2009)

The download page tries quite hard to make it very clear that if you are not logged into the website, we do not who you are and you will not get future updates free of charge. If we don’t know who you are, we have no way to know when you come “back” to pick up an upgrade.

Furthermore, if you did pay for a download for an OS X version, then you would have received a version that had support for AU state save/restore and presets. If your version doesn’t have that, then you didn’t pay for it.

I am trying very hard to not take this as an insult. :frowning:

I even wrote the date of the paypal transfer above. My Paypal user name is Roger Jonsson and I paid $100 to on August 9th 2009. Transaction ID: 52K45146PP486205D

I now also found the “Thank you for registering at ardour” e-mail" sent from with the subject “Account details for RogerJoensson at ardour” from the same day. This means that I must have been logged in, right?

As have tried to say a couple of times above:
I do not know how this feature is supposed to work. I do not know if I was supposed to install some sort of extra plug-in or something else to work it or activate it.
I do not know what version I am using other than that the about menu says:Ardour 2.8.2 (built from revision 5396). -How do I see if that is a paid for version?

Do I download it from somewhere else, other than the regular Download page, where I am asked to pay for Ardour every time I get there?
(I tried looking for some special download in “my account”, but I didn’t find it there either.)


this AU-settings thing interests me too, can someone explain what it is exactly? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@rogerjoeensson: no insult intended.

Whether you have registered at is totally independent of whether you were logged in on that particular day. You can visit and login, or you can visit and not login - that choice is yours, and I opted not to force people to login.

If you visit and are not logged in, the page would have said:

Consider Registering with

You are currently not registered/logged into You can continue to sign up for a subscription, but the website will not know who you are or that you are a subscriber. This means that you will not get free downloads of OS X packages and other benefits afforded to registered subscribers. To register, use the "Create new account" link on the left.

Just being registered is insufficient - if you are not actually logged in then there is no way to connect your payment to your account at, and thus when you come back in the future, we don’t know that you’ve paid.

Anyway, all of this is is largely irrelevant because you did pay, and therefore the version of Ardour that you downloaded has support for saving and restoring the state of AU plugins, and for creating and loading AU presets. I do not actually understand what your issue is with the feature - there is nothing clever or hidden about it. If you are using AU plugins, Ardour will save/restore their settings when you save the session. When you view the plugin GUI (“editor”), there is a some stuff at the top of the window to allow you to save/load presets. Nothing more to it than that.

I am always logged in when I visit When I try to download I still get the begging for money. I have no clue to what I am doing wrong.

There is no stuff at the top of any window to allow you to save/load presets.
When I look at the bottom of the window I found a line of text saying … “Restoring AudioUnits is not supported in this build…consider paying for a newer version”. I earlier intrepreted it as this feature is not available yet, but may be available in a future version if we continue to pay.
Yesterday I found out that it should be available for those who paid for this verision, which I apparently do not have.

Later… -Aha.
Reading through may emails. I found one that I wrote to you on audgust 9th, where I explained that I found out that I had just donated and didn’t go through the buying option at the download page, because i didn’t find it until couple of minutes after I donated. The reason for this was that i had already downloaded to try it out a month earlier or so and therefore did not see the text you are reffering too and did not know at the time that there were any other way of paying for it or that a crippled version even existed… I downloaded and tested ardour, I liked it, went to the webpage found the donate button, which I interpreted as “buy”. (At the time I downloaded there was no “buy me” stop sign at the download page. Not that I can remember)

I understand now that I am not entitled to any upgrades and non crippled version, since I paid the wrong silly way. :frowning:

I would recommend you to to add some info on this on the donate page. I may not be the only fool who does this silly mistake, looking for the “buy” button… Also being a mac user, it is sad that donations is invisible to your statistic. To it I am just one of those bloody mac users who downloads without ever paying. Even worse is that I downloaded several times (trying to solve my problem with AU-plugins)…

Why not add a “buy” button, up front, not only hiding it on the download page.

Donations are not invisible to the statistics. They are invisible to the download system because we get many, many linux users who donate in ways that are entirely unconnected with downloading ardour (they already have the software). Note that there are likely far more linux users of ardour who have never paid for it, because they get hold of the software via their distribution’s repository.

I thank you for the financial support - at this point my best recommendation is that you pay $1 to get the version with AU state handling enabled.

OK, so now I am one of the cheap ones that only paid one lousy dollar…

Yes. Now the message “Restoring AudioUnits is not supported in this build…consider paying for a newer version” is gone.

It seems to workwith some AU plugins, but not all. It does not work with Eqium, unfortunately. It seems to work with Trackplug.
I will test some more later and see what works and what doesn’t.