Save "plugin stack" as a group or "preset"

I find I often want the same 5 or 6 plugins on a mixer strip. For instance, almost every dry bass track I record gets the same set of plugins (and nearly same settings) when I mix it. Is there a way to save that “plug-in stack” as a “preset” so I can load the group all at once? I do use the preset feature in several of the individual plugins to make this faster, but I’d like to do the whole set of plugins at once.

@lhm100: this is already in mantis (twice!) as reports 375 and 3750. It will attended to at some point.

Right now, the closet you get is to click on the top “name” button in the mixer strip and select “Save as template”. Then when adding new tracks, pick the template from the “Configuration” dropdown in the add track/bus dialog, and the new track(s)/bus(ses) will be setup in the same way as the template. This is not quite a flexible as processor presets, but its still handy.

I see that now… Not surprised it’s already there… I haven’t had an original thought in some years now.
The templates will be a help. I’ll work with that.

Don’t worry mate, you’ve done your part to convince the devs that it’s a nice a wanted feature by posting here, so it’s not in vain :slight_smile: