Save Playlist to tracks Template

I think save playlist in drums track templates is a very good option
because this option speed up producer and prevent as remaking drum pattern

e.g You make common drum pattern at once - for specific genres - / Four on the floor / Boombap / Trap /
and save it in playlist with drum track template

Then any time you need this pattern just load drum track template and enjoy playlist are saved with template

Simple = create pattern at once and use it all time


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It’s a cool idea to save the track settings and some playlist information in a template (sic). But I think this might be better combined with the clip launcher on the Cue page, rather than editor playlists.

Especially since Ardour does not currently allow you to trivially loop a region on the editor timeline, and it won’t stretch an audio playlist to match the tempo, a playlist wouldn’t be super-useful for the workflow you are describing.

Instead it sounds like you need to learn to launch clips from the Cue page, as this will allow you a lot more flexibility than a playlist.

The right side of the Cue page has a Clip List that you can drag your favorite patterns to, and then organize them for re-use at your convenience. When you use the Cue page, your (MIDI and audio) patterns get automatically stretched to fit the session’s tempo and you can also algorithmically add fills using “follow actions”

In the future we expect to add “loopy and stretchy” regions like you might find in Garageband or Live; but currently there is no such thing in the editor. For now, the Cue page is the preferred place to work with loops and patterns.


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