...Save my JACK patching connections?

I am tired of always having to patch all my Hydrogen tracks whenever I need to record my drums again. I am sure there has to be a way to store all those connections so they can be recalled later. I have tried with the patchbay, but it seems to be doing some strange nasty tricks.

Any help on this, please?


I tried that and it didn´t work, but as I was thinking about, I realised Hydrogen preferences about starting on the last session were ticked. I thought this could have something to do with it. I unticked it, and tried again following your suggested order, and it worked!!

Thanks again

you mean ardour does not reconnect to hydrogen’s jack ports when you reopen the session ? … seems strange, AFAIR, it should.

otherwise, you can experiment with the patchbay in qjackctl.

Hey, Thorgal,

Well, to be honest, I think it has worked once or twice, but not sure why. I keep thinking the order in which I open these apps matters, but I am not sure which order is the right one. Just to let you know, I usually start JACK first, start it, then open Ardour. At that point, I open Hydrogen. Then I go back into JACK and click on the connections button, and I don’t see any connections between Ardour and Hydrogen, even if I created them all in my previous session.

It seems strange to me, but I can’t find any button or option in JACK to store that configuration. Based on your comments, tho, it should do it automatically.

Not sure, man, but what a pain to create all connections every time I need to record…

ardour should be last to be started :
1- jackd
2- hydrogen
3- ardour

try that (after you saved your ardour session with hydrogen ports connected to track ports).