Save me..

I try to save my work by going into the session dropdown menu and selecting save, but then later I discover that the changes I thought I had saved have not been saved! The only solution I can find is creating a new snapshot. Anyone else run into this one?

I’m using Ardour 2, AVLinux 6.0.

Hey jpl. I’m no expert and this is my first post. :slight_smile:

Here goes nothing…
Try run ardour from a terminal and see what it prints when you save.
Make sure you have free space available when saving and that you don’t have any filesystem/harddrive problems.


Are you sure you have read and write permissions on the drive or folder you are trying to save to? I have no other reports of this issue but you should know there is an updated 2.8.16 package available for AV Linux 6 here:

OR alternatively…

For a fully supported bundled version of the latest Ardour2 you can get it here at