Save As / Snapshot

Old “Snapshot” = a new copy of the current session (or, more exactly, a copy of the active snaphot belonging to the open session) merged into the same place as the original session. The new snapshot appears under the Snaphots tab of the editor list.
You still remain in the original session.

Old “Save As” = Exactly the same as above. But current working session is switched to the new copy (=Snapshot).

This was fine for making alternate edits/mixes of a song, but had some drawbacks:

  • all audiofiles for all snapshots in the same directoy…eh!
  • confusing (Snaphot is almost the same thing as Save As, but many people just don’t get that)
  • A new snapshot/save_as has no relation to its origin…make an edit or record a new track, they won’t appear in the other snapshots. Importing a playlist is impossible without hacking the session xml.

In A4 we finally have a REAL “Save As” = Same thing as above, except that you create a completely independent session outside the original session directory. You even have an option to switch to the newly created session or stay where you are in the original session.
A4 also has:
“Snapshot (& keep working on current version)” = A2/A3 “Snapshot”
“Snapshot (& switch to new version)” = A2/A3 “Save As”


  • (for people who need the old style snap/save_as, and for a cleaner menu) add a “Merge into current session as snaphot”-checkbox to the Save As dialogue and delete the Snaphot (& bla bla bla) alternatives.

and, dont kill me for this…

  • rename snaphots to “Versions”, that’s what they really are…and rethink snapshots into “Mixer Snaphot” instead (= one song, one set of wav’s/midifiles/playlists/tracks/regions etc… but several mixer setups to select between, with its own plugins/routing/active tracks etc ).


You do not have “Real Save As” yet.

It has appeared in the nightly builds/git repository, but it is still being worked on.

this forum is probably not for discussing nighly builds…

but my other idea might be worth discussing…