Save as Asterix behaviour odd?

Unclear about whether this is normal - I create a new mix. I start “saving as” , version 1, 2 3. etc. Now, when I open say 3, and make some changes, the asterisk appears before the title bar. Save will make it disappear. But “play” and the asterisk appears immediately. This is a bit annoying - clicking SAVE whilst playing is what I normally do, but here no saved status is evident…anyone find this odd?

The asterisk indicates that the session has changed since it was last saved. And yes the playhead position is saved in the session IIRC, so starting transport will cause this. No I don’t find it odd.


OK! I suppose it doesn’t matter how many times I press save whilst playing and making automation changes, just have to get used to not knowing if I’ve saved, so save anyway…if you have a memory like mine you’d understand!

Heh I more just get used to hitting Control+S or Command+S depending on the system often in ANY program, never hurts me to be careful:)

I see what you were asking now though, it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing for it not to show as unsaved just for hitting play, even if the playhead position has changed, put in a Mantis feature request for it.


AFAIK it isn’t the playhead position that marks the session as modified, but it happens as soon as a parameter gets modified by automation.