Save and recall lv2-preset-settings in Windows


I’m playing around with the Windows version of Ardour 5.5. Usually, I’m a linux-guy. Mostly to play around with the bass and guitar amps from igniteamps, which are only available as au or windows vsts.

Now, I have some presets for lv2’s that I’ve created in Linux. Mostly for a-eq, x42-parametric eq and a-comp. Those preset-settings will not show up as a preset in ardour, even though they are in the right place. %userdata%/.lv2/ I think.

The above is also true if I create and save a preset in the plugin-dialog. (x42 or a-eq, for instance.) The preset does get saved with an lv2-extension, in the right place (I assume. I haven’t changed anything). If I then restart ardour, the preset is indeed in the right folder, but can not be chosen in the preset-gui. (Nor in the “Favourite plugins” strip in the mixer-view).

Is this a known bug, or should I file a report? I’ve searched in the forums, but I confess - I did not check the bugtracker (if there is one).

Regards, and as always, an amazing programme. Outstanding effort and kudos to all the devs.


Oh, and by the way. I’m on windows 10, using jack for windows and ardour 5.5 official x86_64.

Ok, I figured it out. If the presets are saved in C:\Program Files\Ardourd5\lib\LV2 they show up as presets in Ardour. Which is inconvenient, but workable. I haven’t tried it yet, but it should be possible to use mklink /J to the users homedir.