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Is there any way to save the workspace setup ? Such as track size/height, option (auto-return activated… I do not understand it is not by default ;)), rulers options and so on… I find it would be reaaallyyy useful to save it, and set it as default to avoid doing it again and again.

Perhaps it exists. But I did not find, and I did not manage to get any topic on it in this forum.
Thanks for your help guys !

Window sizes and positions are remembered. Geometry inside windows is not remembered. Rulers are considered a per-session thing, and not saved for re-use in new sessions. So basically, “no”.

However, if you save a session as a template, and then use that template when creating a new session, you will get most (probably not) all the stuff you want.

Ho ok… Then the short answer is “no” :slight_smile:

There I have other questions:

  • Is it possible to enable the “auto-return” by default ?
  • Why, how is it possible, that in Ardour official videos, I can see the “grid mode” set to “bar” whereas my Ardour has this mode set to “no grid” by default ?

Thanks !

The Grid selection and many related editor settings are stored in the instant.xml file

When you Save a session, we save your settings to the session’s instant.xml file so it will be remembered when you re-open that session.

We also save it to a global instant.xml file which will be used as a ‘default’ when you open the next new session.

In other words, whatever settings you were using recently will be applied to a new session; but when you open an old session, it’ll have exactly the settings that you were using when you closed it.

This is in contrast to your global preferences (accessed in the Preferences window) which apply globally to all sessions, new or old.

The Mixbus manual has some more details about the different preferences files and how they are applied.

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